It’s Kind of a Big Deal

What is? What I’m doing.
Whatcha doing? Traveling the world!


……yeah, told you it’s kind of a big deal.

My better half and I have decided to see the world while we are healthy, youngish, and could quite possibly benefit the most from the experience. American’s don’t really have a travel culture built in. Or let me clarify, we don’t have an internationally oriented travel culture. We American’s do love our road trips and camping trips. International travel though, only roughly 40% of us have a passport, and that is a number that has jumped up dramatically since the 1980s. The longest trip that I’ve ever taken as an adult is two weeks. Not surprisingly, with some companies that I worked for getting that two -week extension was like pulling teeth or even negotiated for during the interview process.

During those two week vacations in my twenties, I learned that Australians, New Zealanders, and Europeans to a degree almost have this mandatory “gap-year” where after school but before the “real world” they travel just to learn and meet new people. Now it’s our turn to have a mid-life “gap year” or possibly two. How are we going to spend those two years? Well, we have a vague plan, but the main idea is to more deeply explore where we have been, and step foot in new lands for the first time.

This site is to help communicate to those folks back home and to help inspire others to enjoy a mid-life gap year. Because you know…’s kind of a big deal.