About 65 Liter Life


Hi there!  I’m Suzy, the author of 65 Liter Life, and I’m addicted to travel.   As someone who really didn’t leave the United States until her mid twenties (Canada doesn’t count when you’re from Michigan,) I now can’t get enough of different places and people.  A deep love for nature, all things ancient, and the uneasiness you feel with culture shock keeps me going from place to place.

While I did sell all my stuff and quit my job to travel full time, this blog isn’t about that – there are millions of those for you to read if you like. 65 Liter Life is my avenue of making the unknown known and encouraging everyone to get out there and see the world through their own eyes.

Why 65 Liter Life?  One thing that travel has taught me, was that I didn’t need to cling to all of my stuff, hence my ongoing lesson that I don’t need more than 65 liters of stuff.  The world is full of stuff for me to try and experience and still leave it behind for someone else to try.

Have you experienced something similar? Tell me all about it!

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