About 65 Liter Life

You wake up one morning just like any other day, but this one you look around and you notice that your life is BIG! It’s big and filled with many many things that are good. You look around and you see: your bed, your house, your stuff, your cat, your husband, all of it is there, yours, and expanding at a rate that you wonder when your house is going to pop like a balloon overfilled with air. Its all the things you’ve worked for for years and every day there’s more and more and it’s comfortable and wonderful.

And it’s wrong.

On that same morning, you notice that while your life is Big, the world you’re in seems small, narrow, shallow. Each day you collect more and more:  more things, more goods, art, furniture, gadgets, books, cars, toys, stuff.  And it keeps expanding, it keeps taking up more and more space in your small world.   And….it’s never enough.

On that morning you think:  Let me make my life small again.  Small enough to fit into a bag, a pack.  Cut it all down and reduce it to a manageable size. 65 liters, no more. And then go out and see what’s out there in the world besides my life, and stuff.

The world, as it turns out, is much BIGGER than you had ever imagined.