Live Music in Ubud

I was crushed.  I walked for 30 minutes in the dark to the spot my beloved JAZZ Cafe should have been in Ubud only to find that it was no longer open!  That great bar with live music that I enjoyed so much before has closed its doors. (A fact that I was sure to tell my hotel as they assured me my walk wasn’t going to be in vain.)  A few conversations with some local taxi drivers later and I learned that the old bar’s owner went out of business and that maybe, just maybe, a new owner will reopen it again in the future.

AHHHH!!!!  What’s a girl to do for awesome live music now?  I can’t be in a place without cheap wine AND no music.

Thank the tourist filled Jalan Monkey Forest for supplying us with this needed music – nightly.  Did I mention it was live music?


  • This place has live music from about 8:30pm – 11:30pm nightly.
  • You will hear latin, reggae, blues, rock, and the best part is… will be worth it.
  • With Bintang at 300k, you can make a night of it sitting at the picnic table set up.  Unless you are with five of your closest friends, you will share a table!  A lounge area shares the second floor loft with the restrooms upstairs.
  • Get here early.
Laughing Buddha – The place was packed with people twenty minutes later.

Art Kafe – Jalan Monkey Forest (south of Laughing Buddha, same side of the street)

  • Bohemian flair. Art Gallery.  Bar.  Snacks.  Music!
  • Nighttime music consisting mostly of plugged or unplugged guitarists.
  • A chilled out scene.  Depending on how close you sit to the musicians, you can actually have a chat with the person you’re without screaming or make a request of the band.
  • Music “stops” around 11-11:30pm.
Art Kafe – Jalan Monkey Forest

Even if you’ve gotten over your jet lag, you could always check out XL Shisha or CP Lounge for music as well.  It’s worth checking to see what time they have it on before heading over.

Have you experienced something similar? Tell me all about it!

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