How to Handle Jet Lag in Sleepy Ubud, Bali

So the whole point of your going to Ubud was to get away from the hustle and bustle of the KLS area (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak.) Maybe you want to work on your Yoga technique, get inspired by a local artisan, or just shop.  The rub is the first four to six days you are here, your daylight hours are limited due to your jet lag.

A town that pretty much buttons up by 10pm will not prove enjoyable when you finally wake up at midnight and want a snack.  To avoid staring into empty space while resisting the want to scream just so there is another noise other than the gecko’s crow, or thinking about how breakfast is six hours away and you might just perish before then, here is your survival guide to get through it.

To anyone that is changing time zones by four or more hours:

  • At hotel check in:  Learn if they have room service and what time is the bar/restaurant open until.  Most hotels will shut their restaurants down at 10pm and room service by 11pm.  If this is the case, make a run to your local SuperK, Indomart, or Dewata and pick up your snack of choice, water, and perhaps a beer or two.
  • Does your hotel room have a TV? Many western travelers will take it for granted that all hotel rooms will have a tv with satellite to English speaking channels.  Trust me now, this is simply not the normal case.  Charge your ipad or laptop so you are ready to go with a movie at 1am.
  • Do you need to move so you can burn off some energy?  Get out for a walk.  Bring either a headlamp or your phone with flashlight mode on to help navigate the not so consistent sidewalks.  Depending on where you stay, most of the roads will have some light, but not enough to ensure that you don’t twist an ankle.
  • Need to Socialize?  You have two late night options available to you – XL Shisha and CP Lounge.
    XL Shisha - Ubud
    XL Shisha
    • XL Shisha – Open until 2am.  It is as it sounds – a bar with shisha.  Live music some nights but ending before you woke up to go there.

      CP Lounge in Ubud.  Open until 3am.  Dancing, pool, music.
      CP lounge at about 2:30 in the morning.
    • CP Lounge – A little bit more varied options than at Shisha.  It has large couches to lounge on, pool tables, a dance club complete with loud music and black lights.  The bonus here is that they are open until 3am.  You will find people of many ages here trying to deal with their vampiric hours, but mostly, it will be populated by twenty somethings that just want to have some fun.  It is a large place though, so you can always find a quiet corner to chat.

(The bonus of these two places is that they are only about 50 meters apart.  Again, if you are getting here after midnight – you need some sort of flashlight.)

  • At the corner of Monkey Forest and Diwiserit there is a large futbol field.  You can access both from either street by walking around the back side road – DO NOT attempt to walk across the futbol field.  There is a moat of sorts surrounding it and you will just end up muddy and cranky with jet lag if you try.

These tricks should get you through your first few days of jet lag without utter boredom.  If my guess is right, we will continue to see growth in a “nightlife” scene in Ubud as the city continues its growth in popularity.  There is no question though that it still has its own unique atmosphere or spirit than KLS.

Sunrise in Ubud.  Amazing view over the rice fields.
Sunrise in Ubud


Have you experienced something similar? Tell me all about it!

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