Preparing for the Camino

  1. Read as many blogs as you can on the topic.  BTW, they vary from the extremely detailed (down to what the pilgrim wore each day) to the high level introspective – Phase two was enlightening, “my heart was as light as my pack.”
  2. Get the guide book. If anyone can figure out what the infamous “Dutch” guide book is from the movie The Way – please write the most popular post ever and share it. Brierley’s is very informative and gives you the history on each place you pass through. Get the guide book….then shockingly….actually read it.
  3. Prepare your response for the inevitable question of “Why are doing that?” In this order you will receive the following questions. You’re what?  Walking the Camino de SantiagoWhat is that?   It’s a pilgrimage across the country of Spain.  It is a..Have you seen the movie The Way with Martin Sheen? So it’s like that but without the people dying part.  Okay – why are you doing that?  At points you will want to just yell out…because I decided I wanted to and stamp your foot like a kid. And, for some…Since when are you Catholic?
  4. Know your fitness level. If the last time you walked five consecutive miles is lost from your consciousness,  you have some work to do my friend.   Walking on average 15 miles a day while carrying a pack isn’t your average jaunt through central park or the mall.   Start small and work up to long walks. The body was made for long distance travel on foot, but most of us haven’t used it that way — ever.
  5. Figure out your pack – the pack itself and also what you are putting in it. Find your backpack – (no you really don’t need the 80 liter pack).  Pack it up then take everything out and lay it all out by type (pant, shirt, underwear, etc)   Remove half from each pile. Repack.  Depending on the weight and your initial tendency’s, you may need to repeat this process. Your back will thank you.


Buen Camino!





Have you experienced something similar? Tell me all about it!

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