Breaking away from the 9 to 5

Go to primary school – get put in the high potential classes.  Continue in school – Do well, learn.  Get involved in enough extracurricular activities that combined with your grades, a great school will want to accept you.  Go to University – Do well.  Get a job, get promoted, get promoted again.  Weigh your options – choose wisely.  Strategize to move ahead, understand that your slog might get better with the next promotion.  Get married.  Buy a house, buy another house. Wake up, go to work, go home, run errands, go to bed. Repeat.

Finally,  stand in your front lawn one morning after returning from one of your precious two-week vacations and ask out loud to the newly planted flowers – “Why am I doing this?”  “How is this a dream?” You work for  48 weeks in order to catch glimpses of the big world in the other four.  Time to move forward.

It was time to choose wisely, and I choose to break away from the typical American Dream, at least for a little while, in order to discover what I truly find important. To find a different cadence in life. One that challenges me like I was during school, but one that derives itself from the many rythmn’s of the world not just from one song book.  The best part is that my husband felt the same and wanted to experience a new dream.

Now.  Wake up, see the world, talk to different people, help another, learn about them, learn about yourself.  Time to live a new dream.

Have you experienced something similar? Tell me all about it!

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